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Andrzej Wójcicki

Artpocalypse - the AI future of art production
Will machines take artist's jobs? For years creativity seemed like the last area of human endeavour that would remain impossible for machines, but now with the rapid advancements in deep learning, we need to consider the possibility that computers will generate game art and design. We will need to reinvent our roles as creators and artists as new tools bring both great challenges as well as new opportunities.

Andrzej Wojcicki has been involved in game development for 15 years, starting with his role as an environment artist on The Witcher, later running an outsourcing studio that contributed to several AAA titles, various AR/VR projects and recently involved in R&D related to game development. Currently running his new company Adavio, using deep learning and game development expertise to bring AI solutions to business clients. Started Civic Hub, an NGO focused on civic tech and Smart City, bringing together activists, experts and policy makers interested in bringing positive social change with the help of new technologies.

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