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Arnold Nesis

Capricia Productions
CEO & Co-Founder
The Games Industry is the new Music Industry – Learn from it!
The music industry: Basically a bunch of stupid kids, doing something in a garage because you can't do it alone. Few of them turn into a success. Their IP is now worth millions. They also have a label... At first the label was funding bands but now.. it just wants to get nearly finished products and chose the best ones to PR and market. The new bunch of kids develop a service where music is free, but there is some strange monetization model behind it. The industry is dead but the dream is still alive and some... still make it. Sounds familiar? Can we learn from it?

Arnold Nesis is an Israeli music composer, mostly known for his work in video games and media. Arnold has worked with companies in the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere and currently is the CEO of "Capricia Productions", making interactive music video game albums. Recently, the company has been focusing on the development of "The Birdcage" - a music album fully produced as a video game, featuring leading artists from Guns N' Roses, (former) Evanescence, Within Temptation, Epica and others.  
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