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Bernd Thiel

T-Systems International
Head of Evangelism Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive, IIoT
Design to Cost
Development and the True about XaaS vs Use-Case-Optimized Systems and why Realtime is better than others.
Serverless / FaaS the truth or whats about IaaS?
Different CPU, GPU, FPGA in Context BMS, DeH, VM’s in numbers.
The Impact’s of false platform f.e. Data Inconsistency = Quality Gate for Deep Learning

Tags: #DeepLearning, #Openstack, #MachineLearning, #CognitiveServices, #HPC, #FaaS, @bernithiel_de, #EdgeCloud, #OpenTelekomCloud
Level: 300-400 (Senior – Principal)
Target Group: DevOps, Gaming Designer, Architects

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