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Gamification: How to make money outside the video game industry Gamification has returned. Since the term gamification has been used about 20 years ago for the first time lots of things have happened: The games industry provides lead technology, know-how and inspiration for driverless cars, cancer treatment in surgery and crypto currencies. AI in videogames will be important to treat Alzheimer’s disease and for financial markets virtual reality will help to manage disruption. Augmented reality in surgery is at the surge and about to change the health industry. The videogames industry has got know-how that is influencing and changing many industries. But how can you benefit from the return of gamification? How can you transfer your know-how to other industries and make money outside the video game industry?

Prof. Dr. Lutz Anderie is an internationally renowned expert for Games and Digitalization. He worked at Sony PlayStation, Bandai Namco and Atari. Lutz has successfully managed the launch of more than 100 video games. He is the author of two No 1 Amazon bestselling business books (‘Games Industry Management’ and ‘Gamification, Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0’) His YouTube Channel publishes Games Industry related Business Videos frequently. Lutz was appointed professor for International Business Information Systems, E-Commerce and Games at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in April 2018. He holds a university teaching position with SRH University Heidelberg and lectures ‘Game Publishing’ and ‘Company Management in the Games Industry’.  
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