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Most game servers do not provide a real-time api that delivers statistics about the game, this is too bad because an API like that would open up a lot of possibilities. For instance a real-time score board on a website or as an overlay on a screen. Or you could integrate an IoT device, like a flashing light, into your game.
Creating a real-time API for your game server does not have to be hard! Most game servers already do log information to the console, and if not, it’s quite easy to start logging to the console. We can use this stream of data to create a real-time API.
In this presentation I will talk about how we do this at Gameye and how you can build and test this yourself. I will explain every step in the process with examples and sometimes a short film so you can actually make the API after the talk.

A few months after Elmer turned eight years old, he developed his first software which printed “Hello World” on the screen. Just a few years later he found his enjoyment in gaming on the Commodore 64 and Super Nintendo, playing adventure games with his brother. His gaming history ends a few years later, when his business experience started. Early on he excelled at the technical side of computers, helping his classmates build gaming computers and developing software. His degree in Interactive Design helped him to get familiar with both sides of software development. He ended up building a Spotify-like web app, which was sold to Lyzia - this company later got acquired by Commodore, the same company that got him into video games at an early age.
The last few years, Elmer has been in charge of the software and technical side, and was on the board of a Dutch technology firm that now has offices in four countries. After meeting Sebastiaan and Ralph, he quickly found that the gaming market is fairly undeveloped on the technical side. Because Elmer is mainly focused on the technical side, and not the gaming side, he is a unique addition to the founding team.
During his free time, Elmer enjoys developing side projects that are mainly open source. He believes it’s important for developers to work stress-free: “happy developers make a happy product”.
Elmer’s favourite quote is: “A problem without a solution is not a problem”.

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