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George van Venrooij

Software Architect
Simulating World War 2 On Your GPU
The engine behind the game "Military Operations", a realistic RTS set during World War 2, allows it to simulate 50,000 entities battling across an area of 30,000 km2 of terrain in less than 10 ms on a mid-end system. This has been accomplished by implementing an ECS (Entity-Component-System) on the GPU using OpenCL. This approach provides a number of benefits for large-scale simulations: greater performance, less data uploads from CPU to GPU and tight integration with the rendering pipeline. Unlocking this performance for non-graphics related tasks has the potential to drastically impact gameplay development in the future.

George van Venrooij started his career in the games industry in 1997 as an games programmer at Davilex software working on several racing and soccer games. In 1999 he became an independent IT contractor in the tech-hub of Eindhoven working for various high-tech companies such as ASML, TNO, Navteq and TomTom as a 3D graphics and GPU-computing consultant. In 2014 he started the company BitBunch with his long-time associate Serge van Keulen where they started development on a next-gen GPU-based engine called "Metis". In 2018 he co-founded the games development company Military Operations which started working on a game of the same name.

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