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Helge Borgarts

Freelancing Composer & Producer
How can music concretely help to develop a game?
Everyone agrees that music is an important factor in games as well as in movies or other media. But besides their personal emotional access to music, producers or developers often do not know enough about the possibilities and scope of music to use it as a very practical tool right from the beginning of the development process. What can music really do beyond being emotional background music? What are the tools? Why can it safe time and budget? Composer Helge Borgarts gives answers to that in a very practical approach to access games music, not only for musicians but also for producer, game designer and project manager.

Helge Borgarts is a freelancing German composer and producer. Working in the games industry for more than 15 years, he was involved in more than 40 projects as a composer and/or producer. He wrote for different independent projects and his orchestral score for “Jade Rousseau - The Final Revelations”, was highly acclaimed. He produced and contributed music to the game “Tiger & Chicken”, which was awarded Best Mobile Core Game at the German Developer Awards. Helge scored trailers for developers and publishers like Crytek, Stratotainment or Higgs Games and wrote library demos for companies like Spitfire Audio or Orchestral Tools. He also scored movies and documentaries, his latest works are the score for the iOS game “Bring Them Home” and for the PC game “Transroad” from Deck13. He is the program manager for games music at the renowned festival and conference for music in film and media Soundtrack_Cologne and a regular speaker and lecturer at events and universities.
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