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Ian Kelso

Impossible Things
The European Games Industry in five years
Ten years after the mobile shift the European games industry is reshaping again.
Will game development become, with upcoming funding schemes and the return of the console as lead platform, again a battle of mass production ?
Or will small story driven or AR/VR content dominate the picture ?
What's the influence of the upcoming eSport on the production of new games ?
Influence of Brexit and EU policy on the ecosystem. How will all this affect the European Games developer community ?

  • Erik Robertson, Managing Director Nordic Game Resources AB
  • Jo Twist, CEO UKIE
  • Arne Peters, Chief Strategy Office, eSports.com
  • Ian Kelso, Co-Founder, Impossible Things (via Skype)
  • Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann, Rechtsanwalt & Dozent bbw Hochschule (Moderator)

For over two decades Ian has been unable to resist the urge to work with emerging digital media technologies and platforms, ones that have reshaped the way we create, collaborate and communicate.

Originally educated in film, photography and live theatre, Ian became obsessed early on with new digital tools, ones that had the power to reinvent the way we tell stories and learn. Over the years Ian has worked as a producer and an entrepreneur inside both startups and major media organizations. An industry advocate, Ian also co-founded and lead two digital media associations at the provincial and national levels in Canada: Interactive Ontario and the Canadian Interactive Alliance.

In 2016 Ian co-founded Impossible Things with award-winning digital visionary Alex Mayhew. Their first project ReBlink “remixed” and brought to life ten classic paintings allowing museum visitors to engage, explore and interpret them in brand new ways. Ian is also co-organizer of AWE Night TO, an AR monthly event series based in Toronto  which is run in partnership with Augmented World Expo (AWE).
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