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Jason VandenBerghe

Design Director
Drives: Helping More Players Get from First-Taste to Satisfaction
Drives: those creepy, almost-chemical urges that sometimes seem to be beyond your control: "What's in the chest?" "Why yes, I would like to complete my collection." "Ow! NOW I CRAVE VENGEANCE!"

Often, designers approach this topic with tongs and a hazmat suit. Rightfully! They want to avoid triggering addiction, or manipulating their players more than they would like. The speaker will argue that drive stimulation has a clear, positive purpose: to get players through the often-painful journey into skill development, entering a social context, and/or establishing autonomy.

All successful games follow this pattern: every one.

As a bonus, a significant portion of this talk will deal with the recently-discovered drive called "Tend & Befriend." This oxytocin-based drive has to do with the short-term reward systems that encourages you to make friends and care for others...and has the potential to revolutionize game design (if it hasn't already).

Jason VandenBerghe, former Creative Director of Ubisoft Montréal and now Design Director at ArenaNet, has worked on big-name titles like For Honor, Far Cry 3, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. In his keynote at devcom 2018, he will give an exciting insight behind the scenes of AAA projects and the intricacies of working with leading publishers.
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