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Johannes Eichner

Ubisoft Blue Byte
Software Developer
Living Cities in the Anno Series
To make a virtual city feel alive, there need to be people walking around and doing stuff.
The latest instalments of the City-Builder Series Anno (i.e. Anno 2205 and Anno 1800) are quite similar to each other in terms of city life at a glance. Yet they had rather different visions for the city atmosphere and thus used vastly different Residence-Systems - each with its unique pros and cons.

We will look at how the system changed from title to title and what lessons were learned during the journey. The talk will be about showing and evaluating concepts for the systems, not about specific code or algorithms.

I Studied Computer Science, and then joined Ubisoft Blue Byte in 2012.
Since then I worked on Anno 2205 and Anno 1800 as Engine Programmer and Gameplay Programmer.

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