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Julián Quijano

Beautiful Glitch
Project manager & Creative Director
The Wonderful Checklist: When Creativity Meets Strategy
Being indie devs, we tend to assume we should be all creativity and no strategy; but that’s just not true. When starting Monster Prom’s production with only $10,000, we followed a wonderful checklist to shape the game in a way it paired creativity with strategy following a mindset I acquired working in business and advertising. After release, this silly game has produced gross revenues of +$1,000,000 in less than 2 months, and so I think it’s time to share our wonderful list.

Julian Quijano has almost no experience in the videogame scene outside Monster Prom. He comes from advertising&PR and he just loved videogames as a consumer. After working as PR director for some months at a small indie studio, he got curious about the systems underlying the development of a game. He took notes and wrote theories on how to create a successful indie game and with those formulas he decided to go all in with his first project, Monster Prom, which has been a success so far. Of course, there are no flawless formulas for success, but this one seems to be interesting enough to be shared, and so here we are.

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