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Engine Structure in Avorion – The Challenges and Perks of Building your own Engine
For our 2017 release called Avorion, we wrote our own engine from scratch. While doing so, we learned a lot about what it means to build your own tech from the ground up and to run it.

I will be talking about technical challenges we faced while developing this space sandbox, different issues we ran into and how we resolved them.

Running your own tech also has lots of advantages, and you'll get to know the benefits and disadvantages we had by doing so.

This talk will dive into the gory details of the Avorion engine including rendering, performance optimization and design decisions of game engine internals, so brace yourselves for a technical talk!

I'm Konstantin Kronfeldner from Erlangen, and I'm the founder of Boxelware GmbH, an indie video games studio based in Erlangen, Germany.
Our first and current game, Avorion, a procedural co-op space sandbox, was initially developed by me as a hobby during my studies of Computer Science in Erlangen, and has been released to Early Access in January 2017.
I then founded Boxelware GmbH and am now working together with my coworkers on finishing Avorion.
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