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Diversify!: Studiowide Hiring Practices
Diversity hiring in game studios of all sizes is not a new idea – enough compelling data has been developed over the last decade to demonstrate the value of hiring diverse game development teams. But where does this process start and how can you propagate these efforts throughout your entire team?

Traditionally, the common idea has been that Human Resources are responsible for driving diverse hiring  processes. While still partially true, more production teams are embracing a deeper commitment to hiring across genders, religions and race by assigning responsibility to their full workforce.

Whether you are trying to create a product that appeals to a wider consumer base, or are interested in building  a truly diverse production environment that fosters the highest levels of creativity, join our panel of industry experts to learn how they are engaging their entire teams in the diversity hiring process.

  • Isabelle Tremblay, Global Head of HR & Talent Acquisition at Eidos/Square Enix
  • Christopher Schmitz, Studio Lead at EA Ghost Games in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Peter Holzapfel, Executive Producer at Klang Games in Berlin, Germany
  • Linda Kruse, founder the Good Evil in Cologne, Germany
  • David Smith, Founder Women in Games WIGJ and BAME in Games, UK

Linda is game designer and founder of the Good Evil GmbH. Before her M.A. in Game Development and Research, Linda graduated with a B.A. in Creative Producing. She has been working as producer, web designer and in film distribution. She lectures serious games at the Cologne Game Lab and is vice chairwoman of the game – the German Games Industry Association. Linda’s aim is to secure the upbringing of a better planet through games & play. Her main focus is to create better games for school education, like „Serena Supergreen“ or „Adventurous Travels of Squirrel & Bear: Europe“.

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