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How to make your game a community success: On building a sustainable asset
Community is one of the most sustainable assets you can have and  a competitive advantage as well. As the world becomes more consumer-centric and gaming is no exception, we need to take greater care of the players experiences and the relationships we build. This talk is not only sensitizing. It puts together the cornerstones of a sustainable and long-term community strategy. Including voices from experienced community managers from Landfall Games, Nordeus, Warner Brothers and Hempire, we will make sure that your next game won't flop.

Philipp Zentner is founder and CEO of STOMT2016, his third startup, as Philipp started programming at the age of 12. He joined the startup industry at 15 while he started blogging and from thereon continued his career as blogger and advisor on social media, customer-centricity and customer experience. He studied Business Computing with a strong research focus on electronic word-of-mouth (EWOM) and used that knowledge to build STOMT. With STOMT he wants to create a feedback culture for the 21st century. A culture that can scale for large brands and publishers with many touchpoint and products and a culture that can be lived within and outside the company. STOMT is already used by over 500 gaming studios as well as 600 Twitch streamers world-wide. From Gameforge to Warner Brother studios down to successful Kickstarter games.  Integrating into the whole ecosystem: in-game, websites, Twitch and Discord, this solutions fits modern game cultures.

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