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Robin Henkys

Sandbox Interactive
Making an independent MMO - The Albion Online Story
Six years ago, David Salz founded an independent MMO game company. In Germany. With just five guys. In this talk, he and Robin Henkys will tell you the story and present many lessons learned (often the hard way). They will cover:
  • how they built their team and their community
  • how they selected key technologies
  • which technological traps they walked into (and which they avoided)
  • how the switch from production to operation changes a company
  • and many other stories about DDos attacks, blackmail and game design

Before joining the Albion Online team as Game Director and later CEO, Robin lead the game design of Drakensang Online (Bigpoint) and the level design of Drakensang: River of Time (Radon Labs), based on the "Dark Eye" pen&paper license.  Robin studied Computer Science at the University of Lincoln (UK).

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