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Siobhan Reddy

Media Molecule
Studio Director
Glitter & Doom Part 2
We are in an amazing era for creating games where we literally have everything at our fingertips. But acts of creation - jumping off that metaphorical cliff hoping ones wings will grow – can mean paying a “soul tax” along the way.  It’s also part of why we create, and why we feel so great when even one person appreciates our work. That is the meaning of Glitter & Doom and the inspiration for this talk about daring to do new things.

The co-founder of Media Molecule is responsible for the LittleBigPlanet series and is currently working on the exciting project Dreams, due for release later this year.
Before Siobhan joined Media Molecule in 2006 she used to work at Perfect Entertainment and Criterion Games. At Media Molecule she took up the role of Executive Producer and in September 2009 was eventually named Studio Director.
In 2009 Siobhan Reddy won the Production Award at the first ever Microsoft Women in Gaming Awards, and at the same awards in 2014 she won the Innovator Award.
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