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Lootboxes - WTF
Lootboxes are seen as negative now since some publishers used them in the wrong way. In this session, we will review good and bad uses on popular products and explain how to use Lootboxes in the proper way to keep monetization potential without any negative reactions from your players.

Teut Weidemann is a Senior Online Games Specialist and currently works for many international clients on new online game projects after he assisted Ubisoft on the browser game of the year “The Settlers Online” from 2009-2015. Teut started in the games industry in the 1980’s and since shipped over 100 titles on most known platforms. After working for Apple Computer and Microsoft Games he founded his own developer Wings Simulations in 1996 which shipped the highly rewarded Panzer Elite for Psygnosis, a Sony company back then. After selling his company he joined CDV as CTO for more than 2 years where he was responsible for all development. Since 2007 he is consulting companies who have or want to enter the future of gaming: the online space.

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