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Wojciech Pazdur

The Farm 51
Head of the studio
Building a photogrammetry-based pipeline for your projects 3D art creation
The Farm 51 is utilizing different real-world scanning techniques for making 3D content used in games, VR, and serious applications. We’ve built custom photogrammetry rig for scanning characters and in-house props and took countless tours to the hostile abandoned places to re-create them as the real-time environments. During the last 5 years, we’ve switched a big part of our team to work entirely on 3D-scanned content and fought many obstacles, winning or failing, on our way to take the most of this method. Today we’re most likely the team that utilizes the widest range of photogrammetry options in the real-time industry, and we still plan to expand it.
The lecture covers the lessons we’ve taken from incorporating the 3D scanning into our pipeline, the story of trials and errors we’ve made, practical examples of pros and cons, and the pictures of many crazy situations we had to go through on our sessions. Among the projects used as examples, we’ll depict the characters and environments of “Chernobyl VR Project,” “Get Even” and “Chernobylite,” as well as scanning the real human heart, the war zone on the Eastern Ukraine and the Viking warriors.

Wojciech Pazdur, working in video game industry for more than 18 years already, for most of the time was focused on creating photorealistic 3D content. Had participation in the first "Painkiller" and “Witcher,” now as head of the studio The Farm 51, responsible, among others, for “NecroVisioN,” “Painkiller Hell & Damnation,” “Get Even” and “Chernobyl VR Project.” Within the technological division of company named as Reality 51, he’s currently involved in research and development on 3D graphics and interactive storytelling to make a "Chernobylite" - the survival horror game based on scans or real locations and stories of Chernobyl catastrophe’s witnesses.

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